Awards 2013

Two awards were granted during the SHE Academy, the best poster award and the best research idea award.

Best research idea award

During the speed dating session, all participants had three different ‘dates’, for fifteen minutes each. During each date, a research idea was generated, which was supposed to be an combination of the research interests of the two participants. Fifteen minutes was a very short time for coming up with a research idea AND writing it down, so many of the research ideas were quite unreadable!

speeddate unreadablespeeddate winner


Still, many excellent research ideas were generated during the speed-dating session. The nominated research ideas were rated by a jury consisting of Diana Dolmans, Jeroen van Merriënboer, Jan van Dalen en Marjan Govaerts. All ideas were rated on their novelty, relevance, multi-disciplinarily and the fit of methods to the research question. Runner-ups were Katerina Bohle-Carbonell & Sören Huwendiek, and Kal Winston & Michaela Wagner, but the best research idea award was won by Endang Lestari and Janneke Frambach! Their winning research questions was: How to “glocalize” interprofessional education (IPE)? They planned a case study to develop and evaluate IPE across cultures. Congratulations!

Best Poster Award

A total of 31 posters were presented by the PhD students, and another 7 posters were presented by SHE staff members. Thank you all for the great work! posters shortlist All posters of PhD students were inspected by a jury consisting of Kevin Eva, Renée Stalmeijer, Cees van der Vleuten en Evert Koldewijn. After the postersession, a shortlist of 8 posters was presented, which consisted of the posters of Mariëtte van Loon, Mohammed Al-Eraky, Esther Bergman, Sören Huwendiek, Ellen Kok, Michaele Wagner-Menghin, Chris Harrison and Joost Dijkstra.


But with so much quality, the jury was hung and couldn’t decide which poster should win. They brought in three additional experts, and finally decided: The best poster awards were won by Mohammed Al-Eraky and Ellen Kok.


The poster by Ellen Kok showed the use of a fairly new research technique in Medical education. The research was considered practically relevant and building towards theory development, while making replication possible.


The poster by Mohammed Al-Eraky clearly showed the linearity of the study. The research is highly contextually relevant and also has a high health-care relevance. Furthermore, the poster was really creative.

poster mohammed winner



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