Educational research: a clinician’s journey

Prof. Dr. Ide Heyligers, orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Walther van Mook and Ellen Kok

For educational researchers it is often difficult to know what research projects can be performed  in the daily rush of a clinical Department and how studies can be organized in this setting. Who do I need to inform? How can I reach the people I want to interview? What data can be obtained? Where do I find the data? How can I get my data?  What studies are reqiured in this Department/Hospital? what opportunities can be identified for performing medical education research? what are the advantages and disadvantages, opportunities and threats , requirements and spin of of medical education research in clinical practice?

Dr. Ellen Kok, neuropsychologist, Dr. Walther Van Mook, intensivist and Prof. Dr. Ide Heyligers, orthopaedic surgeon are experienced in educational research in a clinical setting. They will share their experience and investigate opportunities and possibilities with you. In this workshop the questions adressed above will be answered and you will explore the challenged field of educational research in a clinical setting.

ide-heyligers walther_mook ellen-kok


  • Maastricht, The Netherlands
    Universiteitssingel 60


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