Presentation skills: Elevator pitch

John Rouvroye

Suppose you step into an elevator with a person that could be of importance for your career or business plans. It takes the elevator one minute to bring you to the top floor. How to use that valuable short time to make a first connection ?

In this workshop we train you to address your audience. How can you get them interested in your research ? How do you get them curious ? Rearrange your information, and find out what an effective opening can do for you. Be informative, enthusiastic and personal.

And do all that in 60 seconds.


John Rouvroye studied at the Maastricht Theatre Academy and opened his own theatre and training agency (VANAFNUL) in 1999. His training sessions are characterised by a playful approach. With his background in theatre, he views presenting as a type of performance. Preparation, practice and expanding your insights are therefore key aspects of his training programme.

John Rouvroye has led the Presentation Skills Training Programme on behalf of the Staff Development Centre at Maastricht University for some time now and also helps young researchers submit applications for national or international research grants.

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  • Maastricht, The Netherlands
    Universiteitssingel 60


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