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SHE Academy is a community-building conference for PhD students and staff members of The Maastricht School of Health Professions Education (SHE). We have scheduled many different activities that all aim at getting to know your fellow PhD students and the staff members of SHE, as well as their research. SHE Academy will take place at the Randwyck campus, Universiteitssingel 60 (UNS 60), Maastricht.

The early bird registration fee will be 300 euro if you register before January 19. If you register after that, the fee will be 350 euro. PhD candidates and other researcher not affiliated to SHE are welcome too, the registrations fee for them is 450 euro. The deadline for registration is February 20th 2019.

Three reasons to visit the SHE Academy:

SHE Learns
The SHE Academy gives you the opportunity to develop your academic skills and knowledge. Two keynotes lectures are given, and our walk-ins and workshops aim to help you to develop specific academic skills, such as presenting, writing and data analysis. The journal club aims to foster your critical thinking skills, while at the same time giving you an insight into current research interests of SHE. To wrap things up, we planned a reflection session on the final day.

SHE Meets
Meet your fellow PhD students as well as SHE staff! Interested in a more in-depth discussion about your topic of interest? You can meet similar-minded PhD students in the journal club, present during one of the  sessions or join a Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting.  A great moment to get detailed feedback! Want to meet your supervisors for some face-to-face talk about your research? Use one of the dedicated time slots for this, so you don’t miss out on the other activities. And don’t forget the speed dating session, the favourite session of last Academy’s participants. What better way to get to know each other’s interests than by creating research ideas together? Of course, the diners and social events give you the opportunity to take a rest from all research-related talk, so you can catch up with your old and new friends.

SHE defends
Almost ready to finish your PhD project? There are many activities that are relevant for you! The practice dissertation defense allows you to experience the defense ceremony in a safe environment, so you feel optimally prepared for your defense. The workshop ‘What to do by the end of your PhD’ gives information on all practical issues regarding the final months of your PhD.


Copyright © Philip Driessen Fotografie,, all rights reserved

Copyright © Philip Driessen Fotografie,, all rights reserved


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