How to manage your PhD project

Karen Könings

Working on your PhD project at a distance is not always easy. You do not have much direct face-to-face contact with your supervisors and most of the PhD students combine their PhD with a job. Both the distance and the combination of jobs are challenges for your PhD project. This workshop will help you managing your PhD project. How can you best manage your project? And, how can you manage your supervisors to best fit into your preferred way of working on your PhD? Additionally, the programm Elluminate will be demonstrated as a useful tool for online video-conferencing with your supervisors. Elluminate is used by more and more supervisors during¬†regular online supervisory meetings. It enables up to 6 webcams at the same time, application sharing (even SPSS) and an interactive whiteboard can facilitate online discussions.  
This workshop is cancelled due to an insufficient number of applications.


  • Maastricht, The Netherlands
    Universiteitssingel 60


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