Multiple regression

Arno Muijtjens

Focus Often in research we are interested in relations between variables (e.g. does a new learning method lead to improvement? Is there a relation between outcome and treatment?). Correlation and (simple) regression are important methods to investigate such a relation. However, frequently several factors are involved with explaining an outcome, and multiple regression may be indicated. In the workshop you will learn why multiple regression is applied, how it is applied, and how to interpret the results. We will start with an introduction of the method. Then you will apply the method while working out an exercise using SPSS. Finally, we will wrap up the exercise and discuss the interpretation of the findings. Prerequisites for workshop attendance: You have basic understanding of the next statistical topics: variable types (nominal, ordinal, interval), data matrix, missing data, mean, standard deviation, t-test. You know how to use SPSS and have some experience with performing (simple) analyses with the package. These subjects are covered by (parts of) the first 5 chapters in Field, A. (2009). Discovering Statistics Using SPSS (third ed.). London: Sage.Statistics Note: this workshop will take two slots (3,5 hours).

This workshop is cancelled due to an insufficient number of applications.


  • Maastricht, The Netherlands
    Universiteitssingel 60


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