Poster Session

Session purpose:
To present some of your current research to the SHE community and develop an awareness of what others in the SHE community are researching.
To ensure maximum participation and output, all PhD students are required to submit an abstract for a poster. Staff members are also stimulated to submit an abstract for a poster. An abstract (maximum 250 words) of the poster should be submitted online by February 7th along with three keywords to facilitate poster grouping. Please submit your abstract here

Information for participants:

Session time and date:
The poster session will take place on Monday after the lunch break.

Poster requirements:
To ensure maximum participation and output, all PhD students are required to submit an abstract for a poster. The poster can be on any aspect of your research that you wish to share and engage in a conversation with peers and faculty. The poster can be of a completed study, a study in progress or a proposal of study. The poster can be of work which was presented at a conference in the last year. If you just started you PhD-project and you do not yet have any data available, just present your proposal and upcoming studies. One quarter of the poster provides an overview of the whole PhD, including main findings of finished studies and/or research questions for upcoming studies (for PhD students). Staff members present their main research interests on a poster. The same strategy could be used: presenting one study on the poster and in one quarter of it, giving an overview of other research activitites.

Posters should be a maximum height of 1.5 m and width of 1.0 m (i.e.Portrait orientation).

Check out the AMEE poster presentation guidelines or Hess et al. Creating Effective Poster Presentations: AMEE Guide no. 40. Medical Teacher 2009; 31: 319–321 for more information on how to prepare a poster.

Velcro stickers and tape will be provided to hang your poster.
Poster presentations:

Posters will be grouped by themes into two to three tracks depending on the number of participants. Each track will be facilitated by one faculty and one student. Each presenter will have 5 minutes to present and 5 minutes to discuss their poster with other members of the track. At each poster, one non-presenting member will be asked to highlight either an implication of the presented work or a link with other work being presented.


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