Practice dissertation defense

Will you have your PhD defense ceremony soon? The prospect of this important ceremony can be quite daunting, especially if you have never even seen such a ceremony. During “Practice dissertation defense” sessions, we will practice the whole defense procedure. We use the format of the real PhD defense. You will first present your research in 15 minutes. After this presentation, you will be questioned about your dissertation by several opponents for 45 minutes.

Subsequently, you will receive feedback on your presentation and the way you handled the questions. Practicing your defense will give you more confidence for the actual ceremony, because it helps you to know what the ceremony looks like and practice the answering of challenging and composed questions.

If you are interested in doing a practice dissertation defense, please indicate this on the registration form. We also need people who act as opponents. If you are curious about the dissertation defense, but you are not ready to present yet, you can act as an opponent. Please indicate your interest in the registration form. We have slots available on Monday and Wednesday. More information about the PhD defense can be found here:

On Wednesday at 11:00 Lilian Swaen will give a presentation “What to do by the end of your PhD trajectory”. Here you will learn everything about the procedure before, during and after your PhD defense.


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