Presenting your PhD in different styles

20131125-13 Al-eraky

Karen Könings РMohamed Al-Eraky

PhD students are usually requested to present their data or part of their studies in different occasions in a style of a short communication, a poster, or even as a workshop. Sometimes you may also want to explore views of colleagues of different specialities in an informal coffee break discussion during an international event. How can you engage them to reflect on your studies?

In this workshop, you will learn the features of the different styles of communicating your PhD to the world and also you will be guided to select which part of your studies may fit each style. For instance, what can – whenever applicable – be presented in:

  • a 10-min. short communication?,
  • a manual (list of practical tips)?,
  • a poster (with more visual and less text)?
  • a workshop (for hands-on skills)?
  • a debate (with two opponent views in game-like or a court style)?

You need to reflect when and how you can zoom-in/out on your PhD. Innovative ideas are also invited to present your data in other attractive styles, e.g. flowcharts, movie clips, or comics (may be!).

As a bonus, you will be challenged to simplify your PhD to be understood by a 7 year-old kid as a bed-time story for 3 minutes. Also you will be requested to develop a one-sentence motto or picture that communicates the key message of your PhD that can be posted on a street billboard.

Be ready to see your own work from different perspectives and engage the world in your PhD.

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  • Maastricht, The Netherlands
    Universiteitssingel 60


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