Questionnaire development & Qualtrics

Questionnaire construction – Putting theory into practice

Annemarie Spruijt And Wendy Kicken

Did you know that designing a good questionnaire takes longer than collecting and even analyzing the responses? Adequate construction of a questionnaire is crucial for the quality of your data and the success of your research. In this workshop Annemarie Spruijt, assistant professor and Wendy Kicken, lecturer at FHML will discuss how to use the theory of questionnaire design to construct an effective questionnaire to maximize your data quality. During small assignments you will put tips and tricks regarding question wording and response options into practice and (re)design a questionnaire for your research. You will get a better understanding of what your respondents are thinking when they take your survey, and how your survey design can affect the responses you collect. Finally, the online questionnaire software Qualtrics is demonstrated.

annemarie-spruijt pasfoto-w-kicken2



  • Maastricht, The Netherlands
    Universiteitssingel 60


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