Special Interest Group (SIG) meetings

Instructional Design and Self-regulated Learning Although learning in the 21st century is highly similar to learning in previous eras, it differs greatly in learners’ access to information and to digital services and devices. This transition evokes novel research questions, in particular related to instructional design of learning environments and related to matters of self-regulation of learning in such environments. Greater access to information opens up a world of educational opportunities but generally puts increased emphasis on learners’ self-regulation skills and on design of instruction to foster development of these skills. At the same time, we know little about how to optimally foster self-regulation skills and how instructional design research can aid in this. The special interest group ‘Instructional design and self-regulated learning’ (ID-SRL) within SHE consists of researchers fascinated by the theoretical and empirical scrutiny of diverse issues related to design of education, to matters of self-regulation within education, and/or to issues interlinking these two areas. This special interest group meeting at SHE Academy is open to anyone interested in, or affiliated with one or more of these areas. We look forward to bringing together a diversity of researchers and discussing shared research interests and ways forward. Ample of time will be allocated to getting to know each other and to discussing future ways of collaboration, particularly in light of the geographical distances between researchers.   Globalization Research Group Teachers, learners and administrators in health professions education increasingly operate in international and global spaces. Forces of globalization have accounted for more travel of students, teachers, health workers, patients, educational expertise and technologies across national borders, which has spurred the phenomenon of internationalization in higher education. Does your project focus on issues resulting from or relating to globalization and internationalization in health professions education? Join this meeting of the SHE Globalization Research Group! We are an informal collective of researchers and other interested individuals based at or affiliated with SHE. We investigate a wide variety of manifestations of internationalization and globalization, such as the internationalization of medical curricula, cross-border curriculum partnerships, cultural diversity and intercultural communication, and the contextualization of educational methods and frameworks around the world. In this meeting we introduce ourselves, our projects and our group’s way of working. We will discuss one of our projects in more detail with you, learning from each other’s perspectives.   Educational Change and Co-creation Members of the special interest group ‘Educational Change and Co-creation’ share a passion for investigating how to make educational development and implementation processes more effective through accounting for perspectives of all stakeholders and deeply involving them in these processes. While students and teachers play a central role in co-creation or participatory design approaches, interdisciplinary cooperation between teachers and/or supervisors and input from health professionals from clinical practice is also indispensable. During the SHE Academy SIG meeting we hope to extent our ‘community’ with external PhD students and researchers. First, we will take time to get to know each other’s research (both research successes and challenges). Afterwards, we will discuss a research proposal of one of the PhD students and provide peer feedback. Finally, we will discuss (and brainstorm) about research methodologies for studying co-creation processes and outcomes. We look forward to welcoming you!   Learning through Work The special interest group ‘Learning through Work’ (LEWO) consists of a diverse group of 9 researchers from the School of Health Professions Education (SHE) that share an interest in understanding how healthcare professionals learn through their work and how education can support and improve that process. During the SHE Academy LEWO will organize a research group meeting to showcase how they regularly meet to explore and analyse (research) topics related to learning through work in healthcare. The first part of the 90-minute meeting will differ from a typical LEWO meeting because we will focus on understanding and sharing all participants’ research interests. The goal is to help expand participants’ network of researchers with similar interests. The second part of the meeting will be used to discuss research plans of LEWO’s PhD student(s). All participants will be invited to join in the discussion! This special LEWO meeting will be closed by discussing key ingredients for successful special interest group meetings that participants can use in their home institutions.


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