Statistical Issues and Struggles

Jimmie Leppink, Shahab Jolani, and Carlos Collares

Health professions education researchers make intensive use of questionnaires and other psychometric instruments to measure constructs of interest. These instruments are administered in different settings and, in some studies, repeatedly among the same respondents. Questions that emerge frequently in this context include the following: Which items in instrument X can be assumed to measure the same construct? How to deal with missing response? How to deal with repeated measurements from the same respondents? How to account for some respondents coming from the same institute or center? These and related questions will be discussed interactively during this workshop. You are asked to submit an abstract of max. 250 words in which you specify what issue(s) or struggle(s) you are facing and you would like to discuss during the workshop.

Please submit your abstract no later than three weeks before the workshop to

shahab-jolani jimmie-leppink carloscolares


  • Maastricht, The Netherlands
    Universiteitssingel 60


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