Systematic review

Introduction to Systematic Review Methods – Practical Tips

Joey Nicholson and Rehan Khan

Are you planning to write a research article, thesis or dissertation? Are you conducting a systematic review? If you are doing any of these, this workshop will improve your skills at creating focused research questions, conducting comprehensive literature searches, and organizing your results. Using a combination of lecture and hands-on methods, this workshop will guide students through the beginning stages of a systematic review and provide resources to help guide completion of systematic review projects.

Distinguish how a systematic review is different from other review types Identify steps and materials needed to conduct a systematic review (From question formulation through submitting for publication) Formulate a question for a systematic review Select appropriate databases to use in collecting articles in a systematic search Construct a strategic and valuable search strategy in one database (PubMed) Choose a tool (EndNote, Mendeley, Zotero) for use in managing references Locate relevant guidelines required for publishing a systematic review (PRISMA) Hands-on work will be required. Candidates should bring their own laptops.

Who Should Attend:
All MHPE and PhD students, Students involved in research, Medical educationists, Dean and Assistant Deans of medical schools.

Agenda (90 min):
Introductions and Objectives (5 min) Basics of Review Articles and Steps in Conducting an SR (15 min) Formulating a focused question and defining eligibility criteria (20 min) Developing search strategies and managing results (40 min) Resources to Complete Systematic Reviews (5 min) Evaluation and Conclusion (5 min)

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  • Maastricht, The Netherlands
    Universiteitssingel 60


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